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At the core of almost every insurance solution is a policy utilizing a Private Placement Variable Life chassis. Whether the solution utilizes a single life, joint life or group policy, the primary benefits and features remain similar.

PPVL is an enhanced life insurance product that provides significant life insurance benefits, as well as a solution to maximize investment values on an after-tax basis. Investors seed policies over a predetermined schedule, usually three to seven years, and manage these assets within the confines of this structure. Life insurance, in general, allows for the tax-deferred build up of assets. Policy owners have the ability to regularly rebalance these assets as well as to access the capital through a combination of loans and withdrawals.

PPVL is a worthwhile alternative because of its institutional pricing and investment management options. When purchasing a PPVL policy through Stern Capital, the solution produces total structural cost of less than 100 basis points per year, assuming a policyholder is in good health. Cost parameters remain relatively consistent (for ages 18 -75) as long as the individual’s health is consistent with his or her age. Additionally, PPVL affords a full array of investment management options including:

  • money market funds
  • market indexes such as the S&P 500
  • mutual funds
  • alternative investment options such as:
    • single strategy hedge funds
    • fund of hedge funds
    • private equity investments

Today, businesses, public or private and large or small, utilize life insurance structures to optimize their risk-adjusted rates of returns.

Global Solution

PPVL solutions can be delivered globally. The key components to any solution include prospective policy owner tax residence and the beneficiary’s future expected locale. Generically:

  • PPVL and PPVA solutions are available onshore and offshore US.
  • Canadian solutions are located both onshore and offshore.
  • Alternatives exist for Europeans in Europe and Asians in Asia.
  • Stern Capital assists in the creation of customizable solutions affording global families the opportunity to develop tax compliant local market solutions with US (or other potential markets) life insurance policies.