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Who Are We?


Stern Capital LLC. (Stern Capital) is a broker/dealer formed in 2004. While initially focused on Private Placement Variable Life (PPVL) and Private Placement Variable Annuity (PPVA) transactions, Stern Capital’s activities now extend into the entire insurance-asset management marketplace, including business-owned life insurance, key-man insurance and insurance carrier general account management.

Stern Capital’s roots are that of a family office with decades of alternative investment experience. Today, the family focuses on generating risk-adjusted, absolute rates of returns. While exploring PPVL as a solution for the family’s needs, Stern Capital retained BHJ, LLC (BHJ) as a consultant to assist in all aspects of its PPVL transactions, including minimizing the cost structure and developing a broad array of investment fund choices.

During that due diligence process, the family realized that its needs could not be unique from other entities and families, and there was a potential business opportunity in this market. As a result, Stern Capital formed a partnership with BHJ.