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Strategic Partner - BHJ, LLC

Since 1992, BHJ, LLC, a niche consulting firm, has helped its clients capitalize on opportunities within the variable insurance marketplace. BHJ’s principals provide counsel to insurance companies, financial institutions and asset management organizations to assist them in maximizing their distribution capabilities by developing innovative solutions and forging strategic partnerships. The founding member has decades of experience in the insurance industry including multiple executive management positions at several insurance carriers.

In 1994, BHJ focused on, almost exclusively, the fast-growing marketplace of PPVL (individual and 2nd-to-Die) and PPVA. Today, BHJ interacts with family offices, wealth management practices of global financial institutions, hedge fund managers, and asset management firms that cater to 3(c)(7) individuals. BHJ has assisted these organizations in raising significant assets by working side-by-side with clients as an outsourced, participative partner delivering innovative insurance solutions.

In summary, BHJ:

  • is a consulting firm dedicated to insurance related structures
  • specialized in PPVL and PPVA
  • completed hundreds of transactions in multiple jurisdictions
  • raised billions of dollars for these structures

Members of BHJ, LLC are “Associated Persons” within Stern Capital.