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Insurance Solutions
Insurance solutions can be implemented for individuals and businesses. Proposed policyholders determine, within the limits insurance laws and insurance carriers permit, the following:

  • situs of the policy,
  • policy structure,
  • policy contribution schedule, and
  • allocation of underlying portfolio in terms of both managers selected and dollars.

To maximize the benefit, Stern Capital works with the prospective client’s existing advisors. This may include lawyers, accountants, or financial advisors. If a client requires a new advisor, Stern Capital, upon request, will introduce an experienced, independent professional. If possible, multiple names will be furnished. Please note that Stern Capital will never collect referral fees from these relationships.

As part of the solution’s implementation, the prospective policyholder receives marketing materials about the underlying investment choices from the carrier. For those prospective owners who require additional assistance researching the investment funds, Stern Consulting Services (SCS) is available. SCS can further assist in the researching funds and discuss potential allocations that fit within the client’s existing portfolio and risk-reward tolerances. A separate contract would be a requirement between the client and SCS. Please note that this relationship will be consultative, not advisory, and that SCS is not a Registered Investment Advisor.

Asset Managers

Our objective is to build an intelligent platform of investment options. This goal matches identically with those of Stern Capital’s clients. Consequently, we seek “best in breed” managers to round-out the current investment menu option.

After determining a potential fit for a fund within the insurance carrier’s menu of investments, we interact with that manager to educate them about the insurance-asset management business. If an interest exists from the manager, we will assist to navigate the approval process by the insurance carrier or carriers.

Insurance companies will not approve just any fund. Over the last few years, carriers have become more cautious when augmenting their offerings. With our history of successful additions, we not only have successfully navigated the process multiple times, but are also viewed by the carriers as a strategic partner to their businesses.

Insurance Carriers
Possessing a proven track record already established in asset management, Stern Capital has since expanded its relationships with the insurance carriers. Today, we informally consult on issues impacting general asset allocations. In doing so, we understand the impact of investing in “risky assets” on the balance sheet. Today, we consult with multiple insurance companies, Life, P&C and Captives, about alternative managers and optimal asset allocation solutions.

Non-life Insurance Needs
High net worth individuals have hobbies and collections that require insurance. Businesses require insurance for their operations. Our independent P&C partner can assist in securing other personal and/or professional insurance needs. Our clients generally appreciate this additional business line since this affords them the opportunity to have only one insurance relationship.